Squadron Initiative Gives Relief to Old Fulton St.

After last year’s opening of Brooklyn Bridge Park’s Pier 1 led to a significant uptick in tour bus traffic on Old Fulton Street, State Sen. Daniel Squadron pushed bus operators and partnered with the 84th Precinct and the Fulton Ferry Landing Association to increase enforcement and prevent buses from idling and stopping illegally at the base of the street and on the northern end of Furman Street.

Squadron joined the 84th Precinct and Fulton Ferry Landing Association president Joan Zimmerman for a sting last Friday evening that found 100 percent compliance, signaling dramatic improvement.

Squadron also pushed the MTA board to reroute the B25 bus. The MTA board has now approved the plan to extend the bus route in DUMBO on weeknights and weekends, bringing consistent service to Main Street, alleviating congestion, and allowing for the Department of Transportation’s Old Fulton Street redesign to move forward.

“Fulton Ferry Landing residents have long had good reason to call for quality of life improvements,” said Squadron. “Between idling buses and a street plan that didn’t really work, there was a lot to do on Old Fulton Street.”

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