‘September Show’ Art Exhibit at St. Francis

Women In the Arts Foundation presents “September Show,” curated by Carole Barlow and Leanne Martinson, at St. Francis College in Brooklyn Heights at 180 Remsen Street. The September Show highlights WIA’s 40th year with works by 33 professional women artists. The opening reception takes place September 16, 5 – 7:30 p.m.

"Exuberance" by Carol Sun, one of the exhibitors

Art works in mysterious ways: its inquiry into the unknown restores passion, renews observation of form and color and provides insight into artistic creativity.

“September Show” celebrates this process and the energy and colors of late summer and early autumn. But it also pays respects to the 10th anniversary of 9/11 and notes changes that have happened since.

The artists are: Carole Barlowe, Deborah Beck, Lore Behrendt, Esther Berman, Marcia Bernstein, Maude Boltz, Erin Butler, Linda Butti, Donna Faranda, Maria Formoso, Betsy Gross, Myrna Harrison-Changar, Pamela Hawkins, Sandee Johnson, Roberta Klein, Elizabeth Lasley, Estelle Levy, Judy Louie, Leanne Martinson, Sári Menna, Fleta Monaghan, Martha Nicholson, Marcia Ostwind, Nancy Quin, Beatrice Rubel, Barbara Rae Schaefer, Marie Schepis, Olga Sheirr, Helaine Soller, Peggy Sprung, Caroline M. Sun, Judith Van Camp and Leslie Shaw Zadoian.

Women In the Arts works to overcome discrimination against women artists. Founded in 1971 by famous artists, writers and other art world professionals meeting in Manhattan during a time of great unrest and creative ferment, WIA quickly grew into a national organization.

WIA has presented art by women throughout the Northeast during its 40-year history, including major early exhibitions at the Brooklyn Museum and more.

It was among the first organizations to sponsor a series of workshops, “The Business of Art for Artists,” initiating educational programs for artists, for which it received an NEA grant.


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