Bridge Park To Build Indoor Soccer Field

This rendering shows what Pier 5 in Brooklyn Bridge Park will look like after the recreational features are finished. It will include an indoor soccer field, three outdoor artificial-turf sports fields, a picnic area and children’s play equipment.

Part of Pier 5, the Largest Pier in the Park

By Dennis Holt

BROOKLYN — The Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation has announced that it has submitted a Request for Proposals (RFP) for an operator to construct, operate and maintain a seasonal indoor recreation structure on Pier 5.

The inclusion of such a facility was agreed to by the park’s board of directors on Aug. 2. The idea of such an addition was encouraged by several groups, area residents and officials, including state Sen. Daniel Squadron and Assemblywoman Joan Millman.

The indoor structure should be 200 by 300 feet and contain one soccer field facing in an east-west configuration. The structure will be open from December through March.

The park corporation will issue a permit with a five-year term to design, construct, operate and maintain the structure beginning in December 2012. Brooklyn Bridge Park will have the option to renew the permit upon its expiration for three additional one-season terms. Responses to the RFP are due by 3 p.m. on Monday, Sept. 26.

The corporation will spend up to $750,000 on construction costs.

Pier 5 was the subject of a major story in yesterday’s issue of The New York Times. Much of the story was about what will go on top of Pier 5, which has to be done to reinforce the 1,000 pilings to hold up the structure. (See Brooklyn Broadside, page 4.)

Pier 5 may well be the most important pier in the park. It is the largest — about 5 acres — and will include three outdoor artificial-turf sports fields. It will have a waterfront esplanade along its perimeter as well as a picnic “peninsula” that will include banquet-length picnic tables, barbecues, a concession and children’s play equipment.

In addition to being accessible from the interior of the park, visitors will be able to approach this area from a pedestrian path at Joralemon Street.


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