Kids and Teachers Excited To Return to Bigger, Better P.S. 8

Jason Walter and Max Ringold — and their families — are pretty excited about being in fifth grade. Photo by Mary Frost

By Mary Frost

Jadelle Leon had butterflies before the start of third grade at P.S. 8, but after opening day on Thursday she decided it was going to be a good year. “My teacher, Miss Hayes, is nice,” she said. The best part of the first day? “She let us draw.” The worst part? “Nothing.”

.S. 8 third-grader Jadelle Leon. Photos by Mary Frost.

Fifth-grader Jason Walter said he was a bit nervous because there were some new kids, “and also a bit sad, because I realized that this is my last year at P.S. 8. My teacher, Ms. Melissa, is really good, I had her in third grade.” It’s going to be a good year, he said. “My class has a Smart Board.”

Max Ringold, also in fifth grade, said he had been “really curious about what the new building looks like. It looks like Packer. I go to camp there.” Max said he thinks “it’s going to be a pretty fun year. My friend’s brother said the DC trip is really fun. On the last day you get to play laser tag.”

It was a mob scene on the sidewalk outside P.S. 8 in Brooklyn Heights after the first day of school last week. An enterprising ice cream stand operator cleaned up. Photo by Mary Frost.

The big news at the popular Brooklyn Heights school is the completion of the long-awaited new annex. Principal Seth Phillips said that students now have use of the new gymnasium and library, and dedicated dance and art rooms as well. Work on other sections of the Hicks Street building is not yet completed, parent coordinator Blake Amos said. “The cafeteria won’t be ready till January, so we’ll be using the gym during construction.”

“I’m very excited about working in the building,” said Kindergarten teacher Ann Barretta. “There was massive construction. Now we have more classes and more space.”


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