Free Mammogram Today Outside Courthouse

‘Judges And Lawyers Breast Cancer Alert’ Brings Scan-Van to Brooklyn

Kings County Supreme Court Justice and JALBCA Co-President Ellen Spodek (far right) with 2009 Miss USA Kristen Dalton, scan-van director Mary Solomon (far left) and x-ray technician Debra Sullivan at Project Renewal’s scan van outside the Downtown Brooklyn courthouse in October 2009. Photo by Mario Belluomo.


DOWNTOWN BROOKLYN — Free mammograms will be offered today (and next month) outside the Brooklyn Supreme Court, near Borough Hall.

If you are a woman over 40 years old and have not had a mammogram in the past year, you can receive a free mammogram. Mammography scan vans will be visiting Downtown Brooklyn at the following locations and dates:

Wednesday, Oct. 19 — Kings County Supreme Court Civil Term (360 Adams St.)

Thursday, Nov. 10 — Kings County Family Court (330 Jay St.)

The scan van already visited the Red Hook Community Justice Center courthouse on Monday. An appointment is necessary. Vans arrive at their locations as early as 8 a.m.

To make an appointment, call (800) 564-6868 and look for the mammography scan van when you arrive.

For women over 40 years old, there is absolutely no cost, regardless of whether you are insured or not. However, if you have insurance, please bring the information with you.

The provider of these services is the Project Renewal Scan Van Program.

The project is funded by the Judges And Lawyers Breast Cancer Alert (JALBCA), with the assistance of the Brooklyn Women’s Bar Association (BWBA). To learn more about JALBCA, please visit

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