Myles McCormack, Popular Super in Heights, Dies at 49

Myles McCormack, when he worked as a bartender. Photo by Tom Callan.

By Henrik Krogius

Myles McCormack, a popular Grace Court superintendent, died September 27 of a heart attack, one month shy of his 50th birthday.

Born in Dublin, Ireland, McCormack was trained as a master butcher and later worked also as a contractor and bartender, his wife Doreen said. After working as a bartender at the Waterfront Ale House in Manhattan for nine years, he was a super in the Heights for 15 years.

His greatest passions were for the ocean and fishing, his wife said. He made excursions to Blessington, Ireland, and Alaska to enjoy fishing in solitude. At the same time he was highly sociable and “would help people out if they were stuck,” his wife said.

“I’m thankful he was given to me,” she said.

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