‘Occupy’ Event Comes to Borough Hall

By Zach Campbell

BROOKLYN — On Thursday Occupy Wall St. protesters held an event at Borough Hall and other transit hubs in Brooklyn, as well as throughout the other four boroughs. About 50 people congregated around the fountain in solidarity with the other protests planned for the day, to share stories and their experiences of the economic injustice that, they say, plagues the nation.

Speakers described their experiences with discrimination, debt, foreclosure, lack of access to health care, and their general distrust of the current government.

“I’m appalled by the corporations and interest groups that have hijacked our government – the ultra-rich have bought it out,” said Mary Hudson, a Brooklyn Heights resident.

The day’s events began at 7 a.m. when hundreds of protesters flooded the streets surrounding the New York Stock Exchange, in an effort to delay today’s opening. More than 100 people were arrested, and there were multiple reports of violence on behalf of the NYPD.


Tony Wanka, an MTA bus driver, expressed his support of the movement from his parked bus. “I think this is the greatest thing to happen in America in years,” he said. “Our government has been bought out by corporations and interest groups – these people are just asking ‘what happened to my country?’” Wanka has been driving buses in Brooklyn for 25 years, he said.

After the Borough Hall assembly, protesters took to the subways to join the larger citywide protest at Foley Square. “We’re taking this symbolic ride to a central place to show solidarity with the movement in Manhattan,” said Leo Goldberg, another protester.

Protesters at Foley Square were numbered in the thousands.






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